The Bay Area's Favorite Party Band!

Meet the RiP-TiDEs

The RiP-TiDEs! are a vintage, 60s-style, rock'n'roll band comprised of six guys -- Tim (bass & vocals), Tim aka "JT" (drums), Geoff (guitars), Jeff (vocals & percussion), Larry (vocals), and, newest member, Jim (keyboards, guitar & vocals).


It all began when Tim went to an appliance store to buy a dishwasher. It was there that he bumped into a long-time acquaintance, "JT". Neither had seen each other in years. A catch-up conversation quickly turned to music (they had been in a band together back in 1980!) Since then, "JT" has been playing drums in bands in Sonoma county over the past two decades. Tim had been playing bass in a church worship band for the past ten years. Both Tim's decided to get together and just jam.


After a couple months, it was time to see about adding some additional players. They first contacted Geoff to see if he would be interested -- Geoff's guitar playing reputation on the Peninsula is legendary. The three got together, and it took just one practice session to cement the musical nucleus of the group.


After jamming for another month or so, Tim then got the idea of contacting two of his buddies, Jeff and Larry. The three of them had done some casual doo-wop singing back in the mid 90s. Again, it took just one vocal practice to determine that the chemistry was there. The musical trio continued rehearsing while the vocal trio worked together on their harmonies. Very soon after, both "groups" joined forces and then became one band -- the RiP-TiDEs!


To expand the groups sound, the RiP-TiDEs! added another multi-talented musician named Jim who plays keyboards, guitar, and adds to the already rich vocal harmonies!


The name, the RiP-TiDEs!, was chosen to best represent the essence of the group -- a retro 60s, frat-party band. The band performs a variety of 60s garage band standards, early Beatles, classic Beach Boys and related vocals, surf and lounge instrumentals, and some unique tunes that seem to fit in very nicely.


For a real rockin' good time, you gotta check out the RiP-TiDEs!

e-mail: • telephone: 650.255.2233 or  650-592-5869